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Let us help you select the perfect Pup for your lifestyle. Come visit us and meet the Puppies - they are waiting to shower you with Love and Puppy Kisses!


Pomeranian Babies
Stunning Pomeranian babies. Prespoiled and well socialized. Truly a unique lap pal. Extremely affectionate. They will be a dream to train. Here is "Your" best travel buddy.  Perfect for apartment living.   

Beaglier Babies
Gorgeous Beaglier Babies. Designer Breed. Family raised with children. Tons of personality. Ideal for apartment living.  True crowd stoppers. Super Cute!!  Extremely intelligent.  These little babies love to cuddle.

German Shepherds Pups 

Big Impressive German Shepherd puppies. This is a very loyal and Devoted breed.  Extremely intelligent. Family raised with children. Semi-Housebroken. Ideal for family loving and PROTECTION! 

Havapom Babies

Fun loving Toy Havapom babies. Great with kids. Extremely intelligent. Perfect for apartment living. These little clowns will capture your heart!  Here is "Your" best friend and loving companion. True little snuggle buddies.

Aust Shepherds 

Gorgeous Aust. Shepherd pups. Super Smart. Prespoiled and well socialized. Tons of personality. Extremely affectionate. This is a very loyal and devoted breed. Large Size.  Semi-Housebroken.  Great with Kids!!

Shih Tzu Mix
Toy Shih Tzu mix type babies. Prespoiled and well socialized. Little to NO SHEDDING! Ideal for apartment living. Extremely affectionate. Great with kids. Come meet these amazing babies, they will steal "Your" heart and shower "You" in love and puppy kisses.   

Aust. Heeler/Jacarat Mix
These little  babies will be a Med-Size breed.  Semi-Housebroken.  Extremely intelligent.  Great with KIDS!  They will be a dream to train. Here is your best walking/jogging/hiking and travel pal.  





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