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Aust. Shepherd

Stunning Aust. Shepherd puppies. Males. Blue Merle/White. Natural tails, not cut. Super Smart. They will be MED-SIZE! Farm raised with children and horses. Fluffy balls of LOVE! This is a very loyal and DEVOTED breed.

Border Collie/Aust. Cattledog Mix

Affordable Border Collie/Aust. Cattledog Mix type Pups. Semi-Housebroken. Pre-spoiled and well socialized. Extremely Intelligent. Large breed. Tons of personality. This is a very loyal and devoted breed. Ideal for Walking/Jogging/Travel buddy. Eager and ready to join their new families for Holiday fun. Farm raised with children and horses. Very Affectionate!

Rat Terrier/Shih Tzu Mix

This is a Rat Terrier/Shih Tzu mix type. Very sweet and gentle. Thay are playful and energetic, great with kids. Extremely Intelligent. Ideal for apartment living.


Extremely affectionate. Prespoiled and well socialized. These babies are ready to please. Very out going, ready to steal your heart. They are playful and great with kids. We have male puppies avail. This is a Designer Breed: Beagle/Cavalier.

Shih Tzu

This is a Non-shedding/Allergy Free breed. Extremely Intelligent. Tons of personality. Ideal for apartment living. Great with kids. Pre-spoiled and well socialized. Come meet our amazing babies, they will capture your heart and shower you in love and puppy kisses.


Stunning Pomeranian babies. Pre-spoiled and well socialized. This is a very loyal and loving breed. EASY to train. Ideal for apartment living. Family raised with children. Loves to play.


*Please Note: The pictures of the puppies on this page may not match the puppies available in the store. Please call to confirm availability.